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Report: Rich Franklin Probably Out Of Action 6-8 Weeks Due To Hernia Surgery

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"I'm taking some time off," he said. "I have hernia surgery scheduled next week. I have a slight tear in my upper stomach. I need to get it taken care of. Once I do that, then I'll get back to a normal training regimen."

The injury is the type that can progress to something much worse, so Frankilin is looking to fix it as soon as possible.

"It's a smaller tear so I'm taking care of it before it becomes a bigger problem."

Franklin went on to state that he should be out of action for 6-8 weeks, unless something out of the ordinary happens to cause him to be out of action longer.  Franklin isn't a very big PPV draw, but he's a very valuable fighter to the UFC in that he is pretty much a company man similar to Matt Hughes.  The UFC can call Franklin to fight on international cards, he always comes to fight, and he can fight in two weight divisions.  However, Franklin went on to say that he will come back as a light heavyweight and hopes to use the time off to add some bulk to his frame since he's a smaller light heavyweight compared to the other top guys.