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Shinya Aoki, Mach Sakurai, And Erin Toughill Next Up For Title Shots

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That's the word from Scott Coker.  So the following title fights could take place sometime in 2010 for Strikeforce:

-Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki for the Strikeforce lightweight title

-Mach Sakurai vs. Nick Diaz for the Strikeforce welterweight title

-Erin Toughill vs. Cris "Cyborg" Santos for the Strikeforce women's 145lb title

So much for Jay Hieron wanting Nick Diaz for the title shot after beating Joe Riggs last night.  He's a free agent now, and is in a really tough predicament.  I forgot that he'll appear in the EA Sports MMA game, which could affect his status if he tries to sign with the UFC.  Coker went on to say that Bobby Lashley could fight Brett Rogers next in what would definitely be a step up in competition.  All the match ups make sense to a degree.  Aoki is probably the highest ranked lightweight that Melendez could face outside of the UFC.  The only problem is Strikeforce would have a fighter as their champion that speaks no English and also fights in a Japanese organization as their champion.  The same problem arises with Sakurai if he were to beat Diaz, at least in Hieron you have someone that speaks English.  The Toughill/Santos fight is a fight that Strikeforce definitely needs to make happen.  Toughill may be the only woman fighter out there that could give Santos a legitimate fight.  Also, Strikeforce needs to promote the hell out of that fight, because they really dropped the ball with Santos on this last fight.  She performed brilliantly against Coenen, and they really could have capitalized off that in my opinion. 

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