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Strikeforce "Miami": Thoughts And Commentary

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Well Strikeforce has one of their potential events in the books, and I think they got off to a good start in 2010.  While a few of the televised fights were pretty predictable, we still got to see some pretty exciting fights.  However, the best thing about the entire broadcast was that we saw 5 fights in about 2 hours.  Of course the fights ending early had a lot to do with that, but that's great pacing on the part of Strikeforce.  On to the fights:

-I hate to say it, but I have to believe I was right when I said that Strikeforce should have canceled the Lashley/Sims fight.  I mean Sims didn't come to fight, and we still don't know what Lashely brings to the table.  They asked Lashley what this win proved and I don't think I ever heard an answer.  Put Lashley in there with Mike Whitehead on the CBS card.  It's time to stop wasting our time with this guy and let him fight someone that's halfway credible.

-Although his opponent was handpicked, I have to give Herschel Walker credit where it's due.  The guy was all class after the fight, and we got to see a little more of his game since the fight went into the third round.  He showed pretty good awareness on the ground as well as positional control.  I'm sure they'll get him to fight again, but I'm curious to see just how far they want to ride Walker's fame.  I wouldn't mind watching him fight again.

-I knew the Lawler/Manhoef fight was a coin flip and that's just exactly what happened.  Manhoef was destroying Lawler for the most part, but just as I said earlier in the week...Manhoef's chin doesn't have granite in it and Lawler put him away.  Lawler will probably fight the winner of Shields/Henderson.

-Cris "Cyborg" Santos is an absolute BEAST.  She just man handled Coenen and ate Coenen's best shots like they were nothing.  I mean she just walked right thru them jawns!  So either Coenen has no power, or Cyborg has titanium in her chin.  Maybe some of both?  I just don't know who will be able to beat Cyborg.  Erin Toughill probably has a good shot due to her boxing background and size, but other than her I just don't know.  Cyborg needs to be promoted properly in the future, because Strikeforce really dropped the ball with her on this event. 

-I'll watch Nick Diaz fight anywhere on earth.  The guy just comes to fight, as did Marius Zaromskis and that was an absolute slugfest.  The length of Diaz was the difference in the fight, but I can't help but think that Diaz's punches have picked up a little more steam over the years.  He hurt Zaromskis early and it appeared that he never fully recovered from those shots even though he dropped Diaz at one point.  It looks like Diaz will finally fight Jay Hieron next.  However, I honestly don't see Hieron bringing anything to the table to beat Diaz.  He might be able to get him to the ground, but if he stands with him it's a wrap.

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