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Strikeforce "Miami" Results: Nick Diaz Knocks Out Marius Zaromskis In The First Round

The fight started out with fireworks as Zaromskis tagged Diaz, but Diaz responded with punches of his own.  Diaz stunned Zaromskis, but then ate a knee for his troubles as he shot in for a take down.  Diaz worked Zaromskis legs as they clinched against the cage.  This was an all out war as they continiously traded strikes in the cage, and Zaromskis dropped Diaz about halfway through the first round.  However, Diaz recovered and got the fight back to his feet.  The lenght of Diaz was the main factor in this fight as Zaromski ate punch after punch after punch.  Diaz stunned Zaromskis and then never let him off the hook as he landed about 15 unanswered shots.  The last one put Zaromskis down and the referee jumped in the stop the fight.  Nick Diaz is the new Strikeforce Welterweight Champion. 

SBN coverage of Strikeforce: Miami