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Strikeforce "Miami" Results: Cris "Cyborg" Santos Dominated Marloes Coenen For 3rd Round TKO

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 It was Santos's strength and power against the finess of Coenen, and

Cyborg was able to land the majority of the power shots throughout the fight when they were on the feet.  Cyborg did a great job of avoided Coenen's submission attempts when she took Coenen to the ground.  Once on the ground, Santos stacked Coenen up against the cage to limit Coenen's ability to set up some submissions. 

Santos also did a great job of stuffing Coenen's takedown attempts, especially the first attempt in the third round.  It looked like Coenen was going to achieve that take down but Santos defended well.  Santos's size was just too much as she just took Coenen to the ground and unloaded some viscious ground and pound while Coenen offered no offense at all.  It appeared that the volume of power shots took their toll on Coenen as she just turtled up in the third round as Santos began to tee off in the middle of the cage.  Santos retains the Strikeforce Women's 145lb title.

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