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Strikeforce "Miami" Results: Herschel Walker Dominates Greg Nagy For TKO Victory In Round 3

Strikeforce did an excellent job in picking Herschel Walker's opponent, because he was basically out there to survive.  He didn't put up any fight whatsoever, and Walker did what he was supposed to do in the fight.  He stuffed all of Nagy's takedowns and consistently won the positional battle on the ground.  He also landed a couple of strikes while the fight was standing. 

Walker did well with acheiving the mount position several times, he took Nagy's back several times, and he avoided a couple of submission attempts from Nagy.  Although they were never really close to being locked in against Walker.  Walker came into the fight in incredible shape for a 47 year old and it didn't seem like cardio would have been an issue for him. 

Walker took Nagy down in the third round and it was basically over after that.  Nagy gave up his back after taking some punishment from Walker.  Walker then took his back and kept delivering shots as Nagy didn't offer anything in return, and the referee had seen enough.  Walker wins his MMA debut.

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