I am preparing for an all-out war on February 21 in Sydney. My opponent Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is an incredible boxer, incredible with jiu-jitsu, so I can't really take the fight anywhere and expect it to be easy. I expect a war the whole time.

I have been training with a lot more guys who specialise in jiu-jitsu to get ready for Nogueira, but other than that my training regime has been the same as usual - between two and three sessions a day.

This could be the best fight of my career. When I look back on my fights in the UFC, I don't really have a favourite yet, but definitely the one that stands out most is my battle with Cheick Kongo at UFC 99.

I went through some adversity in that fight, but I wouldn't just fall over and crumble.

I got hit and I came back on top and won the fight pretty easily.

I surprised myself a little bit, I was willing to take his punches and then give back what I had. I think a lot of guys would have fallen.

To take that kind of hit and then capitalise, it was great, but while I was really pleased with my toughness, I was not happy with the technical side of things, getting caught like that.