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Paul Daley Could Face Either Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, Or Thiago Alves Next

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From the UFC 108 post fight press conference Dana White commented on who he would possibly match Paul Daley up with next after he destroyed Dustin Hazelett just hours beforehand:

"My big problem in this division right now is the two best guys out there are probably Koscheck and Fitch and trying to get them to fight each other is a nightmare. I'd really like to see that fight," White commented. "We’ll put Paul Daley against one of them and see what happens."

Then Paul Daley in turn replied that he would like to fight either guy because it would force him to show more of his all around game:

"I'd like to fight a Fitch or a Koscheck just to prove that I've got improved takedown defense, and I have a ground game and this is stuff I'm continually working on. I just haven't had a chance to display it because I keep knocking people out standing up. Fitch would be great or a Koscheck," said Daley.

Now it has been rumored that Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves 2 will take place at UFC 111, but it wasn't confirmed with the other 2 fights that the UFC confirmed this week. Which would leave the door open for Daley/Alves to take place and Daley is open to that fight as well:
"Again, there's a (Thiago) Alves fight. I've been fighting and knocking guys out standing up, but I really haven't displayed my full array of stand-up skills and I think a fight with Alves would be entertaining for the fans."

Transcription via MMAWeekly