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Strikeforce: "Miami" MMA4Real Secondary League Betting Game

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Alright folks, it's that time again.  For those new to the site, you can still join the MMA4Real Secondary League betting game.  If you would like to join the game, create an account and just send me a message on the mmaplayground, with your MMA4Real user name or leave a comment in this thread so I can send you an invite. Please make sure your MMA Playground login name as close as possible to your MMA4Real screen name.  You can also just leave your MMA Playground username in the comments section for me to add you to our roster.  If you are with another fight team, you will have to leave that team in order to join ours.  Now this is the secondary league, however, if you join our fight team you will be eligible to participate in the major betting game(UFC events) in which prizes from CageSide MMA are available.  Let's get it! 

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