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My Expectations For Herschel Walker In His MMA Debut

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Normally I would do some type of fight analysis as I did for the Manhoef/Lawler fight, but there's nothing in this fight for me to analyze.  We've seen limited training footage of Walker working the pads and rolling with Cain Velasquez.  The footage I've seen of Nagy wasn't impressive AT ALL.  Which is to be expected since Walker is making his debut with limited training.  Albeit, it is training with one of the top MMA camps out there.  I've never seen Walker react to getting hit on the chin, kicked in the legs, or engaging an actual opponent.  He was an incredible athlete in his prime, and at 47 is still in relatively good shape just from looking at his appearance.  But will that translate in a win?

Probably.  I'm sure Strikeforce chose Nagy as an opponent expecting Walker to win.  Walker supposedly has a Tae Kwon Do background, while Nagy seems to be a brawler from the limited footage from what I've seen.  My expectations are that I don't really have any expectations for this fight.  Quite simply, I'm pretty sure we will not learn much from this fight.  Walker does have to go out and perform, but it is a handpicked opponent pretty much.  The best thing that could happen is that the fight goes past the first round so we can get a feel of just where Walker is as a fighter.  I'm not believing the hype coming from the AKA camp that Walker is advancing his skills at a torrid pace.  A lot things change when you climb into that cage for the first time and the door closes behind you.  I think Walker wins the fight, but Strikeforce better hope that it's pretty impressive.  Otherwise, all the people tuning in to see him fight will think of him and the promotion as a joke.  Hopefully he comes out and performs well.