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Alistair Overeem: I'll Sign With The UFC When They Show Me Terms I Like

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From Fighters Only:

I'm not going to discuss the UFC too much with the media. But I will say that when they show me terms I like, I'll sign."  "Money is important but it isn't everything. There are some conditions they have that I don't like. But like I said, when the terms are right I will sign right away."

I know this is a business, but he pretty much slaps Strikeforce in the face with this statement in my opinion.  I guess he has no loyalty to Strikeforce in being their heavyweight champion.  Oh wait!  He hasn't defended that belt once in two years while fighting numerous times abroad!  Since money isn't an issue, I wonder what he's unhappy about with the UFC contract he may have been offered?  It probably had something to do with fighting exclusively in the UFC and not taking kickboxing fights all over the world.  I mean Strikeforce has him signed to a contract now and he still doesn't have a concrete date in which he'll fight for them in 2010.  Yet, so many people think co-promotion is the way to go.  Newsflash, it's not.