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UFC 110 Preview: Michael Bisping Knocking People Out In Training?

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That's the word according to Fighters Only:

"Bisping has been engaging in hard sparring sessions over the last couple of weeks and our source says he "has knocked two of sparring partners out that we brought in for him. I mean clean out, proper sleepy-time knockouts" . One of those two sparring partners is known to have outweighed him considerably."

"Fighters Only has also learned that professional boxers and MMA fighters of considerable experience have been employed as sparring partners, and the reports from these closed-door sessions - which are conducted at fight or near-fight intensity - indicate that Bisping is at his all-time peak as a fighter."

 Ehh...Bisping has never displayed one punch KO power.  I know that's not what the article says, but it's kind of what it's implying from my interpretation.  I know Wanderlei Silva's chin isn't what it used to be, but I'd be shocked to see Bisping put him away with a one hitta quitta.  You buying into the hype?

HT: Fighters Only

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