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WEC 47: Bowles Vs. Cruz Card Is Almost Full

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WEC bantamweight Brian Bowles will make his first title defense against Dominick Cruz as this event will be the first time the WEC visits Ohio on March 6th.  The card so far via

Brian Bowles(8-0) vs. Dominick Cruz(14-1)

Brian BowlesDominick Cruz

Miguel Torres(36-2) vs. Jospeh Benavidez(11-1)

Miguel Angel TorresJoseph Benavidez

Deividas Taurosevicius(12-3) vs. L.C. Davis(15-2)

Deividas TauroseviciusLC Davis

Bart Palaszewski(32-13) vs. Karen Darabedyan(9-1)

Bart PalaszewskiKaren Darabedyan

Jens Pulver(22-12-1) vs. Javier Vazquez(13-3)

Jens PulverJavier Vazquez

Scott Jorgensen(8-3) vs. Chad George(11-4)

Scott JorgensenChad George

Danny Castillo(8-2) vs. Anthony Pettis(7-1)

Danny CastilloAnthony Pettis

Ricardo Lamas(7-1) vs. Bendy Casimir(19-5-2)

Ricardo LamasBendy Casimir