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Former WEC Champ Miguel Torres Changes His Fight Camp And Wants To Avenge Loss To Brian Bowles

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From the Las Vegas Sun:

"I've used the same training partners for 11 or 12 years, and I haven't brought any of them back for this fight," Torres said. "What ended up happening was — I wasn't getting cocky, they got cocky. They would say, 'Oh, you're going to kill this guy. He's only got seven fights.'

"The guys I had coaching me were there just to give me water and talk my face off. They weren't giving me anything I could use. Looking back, I can see there were a lot of things off. But I was in a bubble at the time and couldn't see it."

Former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres talks about some of the factors he believes contributed to his upset loss to Brian Bowles at WEC 42.  Torres is now training with Mark Dellagrotte and has moved his training camp from Chicago to Las Vegas.  He also goes on to state that he's going to change the way he fights because it's all about his health and safety instead of trying to put on a show for the crowd.  Often times a loss is the best thing that could happen to someone when they haven't tasted defeat in such a long time.  Torres went on a 17 fight winning streak after his first career loss back in 2003.  Do you think he can put another streak together, or will he suffer back to back losses when he faces off againt Urijah Faber protege Joseph Benavidez at WEC 47 in March?  Find out what Torres said about the guy that defeated him in Brian Bowles, as well as a video after the jump.

"I want Cruz to win," Torres said. "I want Brian to lose. He'll want to come back strong and then I'll have the best Brian Bowles there is. If he loses that fight against Dominick and he loses the belt, I wouldn't want a fight with Cruz. I would want Brian Bowles.

"A rematch with Brian is more important to me than a title shot."