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UFC 110 Preview: Ryan Bader Knows He Has A Tough Opponent In Keith Jardine

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“I see a tough, tough fighter who’s going to come after me for three rounds hard,” Bader, the former D-1 All-American wrestler from Arizona State, says. “If he doesn’t get knocked out, or if he’s not knocking you out, he’s going to keep that pace up and come after you with unorthodox strikes. His number one attribute is his overall toughness.”

This is definitely a step up in competition for the TUF champion, as he's coming off a decision win against Eric Schafer at UFC 104.  Bader had Schafer badly hurt in the first round but wasn't able to put him away as that barrage zapped the majority of his cardio.  Bader has some power in his hands, but is still primarily a wrestler that's evolving.  Jardine is a difficult opponent to keep on his back, so this should be a great barometer of just where Bader is in the grand scheme of things.