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This Week In MMA Link Dump

Man, it was a week filled with all type of news, but none bigger than the return of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.  He's been given a clean bill of health and he'll return to the UFC sometime this summer to fight the winner of the Shane Carwin/Frank Mir fight.  We also cover some local events happening this weekend from the CFP: Bash At The Beach in South Carolina as well as the Battle of Rome 8 event in Georgia.  We cover the Strikeforce debacle with not being able to find Bobby Lashley an opponent that's credible(I'll have more on this later today).  We also talk about how Strikeforce can compete with the UFC by using women's MMA.  Rich Wyatt had a great interview with WEC fight Mackens Sermerzier.  We learned that Takanori Gomi will fight Kenny Florian here in Charlotte, NC at UFN 21.  Plus lots more...check it all out below.

MMA4Real Interview With Undefeated Fighter Byron Bloodworth - MMA For Real
MMA4Real Interview With Byron Bloodworth Who'll Be Main Eventing The Battle Of Rome Event In Georgia on January 23rd.

Report: Ultimate Fight Night 21 To Take Place In Charlotte, NC at Bojangles Coliseum - MMA For Real
We report that UFN 21 will take place in charlotte, nc. We provide details on the venue and what the fight card is looking like right now for the event.

It's Time For Bobby Lashley To Fight Stiffer Competition - MMA For Real
We talk about Strikeforce's difficulty in finding a suitable opponent for Bobby Lashley. We also talk about why Lashley should be facing stiffer competition.

Bobby Lashley Will Not Fight Jimmy Ambriz At Strikeforce "Miami" - MMA For Real
Bobby Lashley will not fight Jimmy Ambriz at the Strikeforce "Miami" show on January 30th. No opponent has been scheduled as of late.

Battle Of Rome 8 Preview: Tex Johnson Talks Bernard Rutherford - MMA For Real
Georgia fighter Tex Johnson talks about his upcoming fight against Bernard Rutherford at the battle of rome 8 event in Georgia this weekend.

Brock Lesnar To Face The Winner Of Frank Mir/Shane Carwin This Summer - MMA For Real
Brock Lesnar will come back to the UFC this summer to face the winner of Frank Mir/Shane Carwin. Lesnar is recovering from a serious illness and has missed the last 7 months due to the sickness.

Is GSP/Hardy The Right Fight For UFC Primetime 2? - MMA For Real
We discuss if the GSP/Dan Hardy match up is the fight that should be featured during the second installment of UFC prime time.

MMA For Real Exclusive Interview With WEC Fighter Mackens Semerzier! - MMA For Real
MMA For Real Exclusive Interview With WEC Fighter Mackens Semerzier! We talk about his last fight in the WEC, and what the future holds for him and the lighter weight fighters.

Report: Kenny Florian vs. Takanori Gomi Expected To Headline UFN 21 In Charlotte, North Carolina - MMA For Real
We discuss the takanori gomi vs. kenny florian match up that will take place at UFN 21 in Charlotte, NC.

Women's MMA: That's How Strikeforce Can Compete With The UFC - MMA For Real
We take a look at how Strikeforce can compete with the UFC by using women's MMA. The UFC doesn't promote women because they don't think there are enough talented women to form divisions.

Tomar Washington: "Somebody Had Better Bring My Opponent A Pillow" - MMA For Real
North Carolina fighter Tomar Washington talks about his opponent at the upcoming Bash At The Beach MMA event.

Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims Confirmed For Strikeforce: "Miami" - MMA For Real
It has been confirmed that Bobby lashley will fight UFC veteran Wes Sims next week at Strikeforce: "Miami". We discuss why Strikeforce dropped the ball on this one.