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UFC 109 Preview: Mostapha Al Turk Talks Rolles Gracie

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"Names don’t really impress me like they do some people," assures Al Turk. "Obviously it’s impressive to be associated with the Gracie family and I’m sure Rolles will come in with A-1 jiu-jitsu and he’ll have lots of tricks up his sleeve. I’m not the sort of person to be fazed by a name or a reputation, though. He’s just another human being, at the end of the day.".

"I knew nothing about him when the fight was first mentioned to me," admits Al Turk. "I’ve since seen footage of him and he’s a good prospect. I’m sure he’s developed and worked on his boxing for this fight. Obviously his jiu-jitsu is excellent, especially his chokes. He’s just a very solid prospect right now. I definitely feel I can capitalise on his inexperience, though. This is a big fight for him."

Al-Turk is (0-2) inside in the UFC octagon and a third loss could send him packing from the promotion.  So even though it's a big fight for Gracie in his debut, it's an even bigger fight for Al-Turk.

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