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Gray Maynard Makes The Case That He's Fought Real Tough Competition

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Our friends at Atlantic MMA spoke with Gray Maynard shortly after his close decision win over Nate Diaz last week.  All of Maynard's wins in the octagon have come via decision, and so people criticize him for not being able to put his opponents away.  Maynard had this to say about the opposition he's faced thus far: 

Frankie has never been finished, and his only loss is to me. Rich Clementi has had over 50 professional fights and was on a 6 fight win streak, with one of those wins over Anthony Johnson, when I fought him. Jim Miller has never been finished, and only has losses to Edgar and myself. Huerta has never been finished, and his only real losses were to Florian and myself. Nate Diaz is a tough opponent that has been submitted once early in his career to Hermes Franca. So in reality, I don’t know of too many guys that can beat that list of opponents, much less finish any of them.

He makes a solid point in my opinion.  What say you?