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Tomar Washington: "Somebody Had Better Bring My Opponent A Pillow"

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North Carolina undefeated professional light heavyweight Tomar Washington(2-0) will be fighting Dean Hamilton at the Carolina Fight Promotions: "Bash At The Beach" event this weekend.  Washington isn't short on confidence as he describes the adrenaline rush he gets from fighting and his thoughts on the fight this weekend:

People ask me what it's like and I tell them to put 12-pound weights on their legs and run a mile. That's what it feels like before the fight because of all the nervous energy," Washington said. "You get so jacked up to fight that you're already spent. It's a different story when you get in that cage.

It's not like a barroom brawl. It's like an art form like you've never seen before," Washington said. "I can't wait to show what I can do in the cage. I've never had a fight go to a decision before and I don't plan to start now. I'm going all out so somebody had better bring my opponent a pillow." There's some bulletin board, trash-talk material for you."

If you've never seen Washington fight, I've embedded some video after the jump.  Tickets have gone fast for this event,  and you can get them here if you haven't gotten yours already.

*After-party detail:  Club Boca, which is hosting the MMA After Party starting at 11 p.m. Saturday.

Club Boca is at 1320 Celebrity Circle, Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach.

Call 444-3500 or visit

Props: The Sun News