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Strikeforce News: Lashley Hopeful He'll Be Ready For Whoever His Opponent Will Be

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Bobby Lashley is scheduled to fight on January 30th during the Strikeforce: "Miami" card.  However, the only problem is that he doesn't have an opponent finalized yet and the event is just over a week away.  Lashley gave his thoughts about the situation via MMAWeekly:

"I've been dealing with a good amount of stress the last few weeks, just trying to get everything situated," Lashley commented. "I'm one man, and I just want to have an opportunity to fight, and it seems kind of hard because one thing it's opponents, and then where and when, and all that, so it's a little stressful.

"I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize. I keep training and try to stay ready so whoever they pick, hopefully I'll be ready for them."

If we'll remember, Lashley did some verbal sparring with MMA veteran Jason Guida prior to his second career MMA fight.  The fight was a lot closer than most expected it to be with Lashley winning a unanimous decision.  Afterwards, he admitted that the pre-fight trash talk was a distraction and messed with his mindset.  One has to wonder just how much not knowing who he'll be fighting will affect him.  The rumor mill has conjured up MMA veteran and TUF 10 contestant Wes Sims(22-12) as a possible opponent.  However, nothing has been finalized as of yet.

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