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Children & Training In Martial Arts

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Okay guys, so I've FINALLY gotten a few minutes to myself here at work, so I'm going to jump in to a little piece on something I've been seriously thinking about lately.  Also, my poor Tarheels...from NCAA champs to not being able to win AT HOME!  Sorry for that short rant but anyways, for those of us that are parents and even those of us who expect to be parents one day, how do you feel about your kids and mixed martial arts?  My son is all of 6 months but I have already told my wife I want him to start training in some sort of discipline when he gets a little older.  The one that I really would like my son to possibly try is Judo, which to me seems to be just as heavy on grappling as traditional wrestling but more based on throws.  Then I thought to myself, if he's going to do it, I might as well do it too to make it a little bonding experience.  So my question to the congregation is do you plan on involving your children or future children in any martial arts?  Do you think placing your children in such martial arts will motivate you to do the same?  Are any of the current parents children involved in any martial arts classes or grappling style classes?