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Thoughts On The Brock Lesnar ESPN Piece And His Return To MMA

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The best thing about the entire segment was that Brock Lesnar appeared human for once.  It was clear that the 'illness' now classified as diverticulosis, literally had the biggest guy in the sport scared for his life.  I thought Lesnar did a adequate job of providing somewhat of a time line for the events, although the miracle explanation of him getting healthy left a lot to be desired.  I mean I'm a man of GOD and faith but going from a hole in your stomach to having no sign of having a hole in your stomach with no intervention is by GOD a miracle!  Also, I thought Lesnar's appreciation to his family, the doctor's, and Dana White was sincere.  Often times Lesnar has been criticized for getting bored and just leaving things on his own terms.  He may very well do that with MMA in the future.  However, it appeared that he was genuinely excited about returning to the cage to compete.  That means he could potentially be in the sport another 3-5 years depending on his health among other things.  He also let it be known that HE was the champion.

The sport of MMA and definitely the UFC can't put into words what it means to have Brock Lesnar back in the sport.  He's without a doubt the largest PPV draw the sport has ever seen.  Also, on top of that, he's the one guy in the sport that most people feel could actually defeat the undisputed #1 heavyweight in the world in Fedor Emelianenko.  They may never fight, but always having that 'what if' while both are still at the top of their game is always good for conversation opposed to only having one of them active in the sport.  Lesnar's return will continue what appears to be a dominant run for the UFC beginning with UFC 111 in Newark, New Jersey.  We now know that Lesnar will face the winner of the Mir/Carwin fight from that event.  If not, he'll face the winner of Velasquez/Nogueira that will take place at UFC 110.  No matter who he faces in his next fight, it'll do astronomical numbers on PPV.  Now that we have a time frame, I think we'll probably see Brock Lesnar headline the UFC's first foray into Boston later this year.