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Brock Lesnar To Face The Winner Of Frank Mir/Shane Carwin This Summer

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-Brock was diagnosed with Mono...then woke up one night very sick.  

-He was in the hospital for 11 days with no food or water.

-He lost 40 pounds, and says doctors saved his life and career

-He's already put 30 pounds back on

-He thought they were going to have to remove his colon, but it was a miracle and there are no problems now. 

-He just has a check up yesterday

-The Mir/Carwin winner will face Lesnar this summer barring any injuries/setbacks

-Brocks says...make no mistake about it...he's the UFC heavyweight champion

-He's not a fan of the Canadian Health System

Above is some nits and pieces that I was able to get from Lesnar and Dana White appearing on Sportscenter.  As I mentioned yesterday, I thought the reports of Lesnar being 220 pounds were not credible and I was right.  Not to mention he never got below 240 pounds if all he lost was 40 pounds overall, of which he's regained 30 pounds already.  This is a great day for MMA.  Firstly, I'm glad that Lesnar will recover just from a humane standpoint, but from a MMA standpoint it's great to see it's most popular fighter coming back to action.  I'll be back with more later.  Give me your thoughts on Lesnar's return!  

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 01/20/10 12:56 PM EST ]Video of the segment can be found after the jump