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UFC 110 Preview: C.B. Dollaway Talks Goran Reljic's Return

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"There’s one tape of his fight in the UFC against Wilson Gouveia," he said. "That’s really the only tape I can find on him, and it’s from two years ago. So I don’t know what he’s been up to, how much better he’s gotten. I know he’s suffered some injuries, but it’s tough to get a read on him. I’m pretty sure he’s been working out and looking forward to getting back in there though. He’s 8-0 and beaten a pretty top level guy in the UFC in Wilson Gouveia, so I’ve got a tough one ahead of me for sure."

"Every guy, their first time down, they never fight the same," said Dollaway, whose years on the wrestling mat have given him an edge on most when it comes to weight cutting. "When you get down there you don’t have that same power, and sometimes not the same endurance and energy, and you don’t know why. If you’re not used to it, it definitely plays a big role. Almost every fighter you see in their first fight coming down a weight class, they’re not the same fighter, and that’s a dread for sure."

TUF alum C.B. Dollaway talks about his upcoming opponent Goran Reljic at UFC 110 and how he thinks Reljic's first fight at middleweight could give him an advantage.

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