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UFC 108 Results: Paul Daley Knocks Out Dustin Hazelett In Round 1

The fight begins and Hazelett rolls across the cage and then smiles at Daley, but Daley is all business like.  Hazelett is trying to keep Daley at bay with front kicks and Daley is consistently landing leg kicks.  However, Hazelett is checking them nicely.  Hazelett has thrown a couple of high kicks that Daley has blocked.  Daley seems to be gauging his distance  with the kicks.  Daley with more leg kicks that Hazelett checks.  Daley with a right that misses, but then he connects with a devastating left hook that drops Hazelett.  Hazelett is in trouble as Daley pounces with punches and the referee moves in to stop the fight.  Paul Daley has knocked out Dustin Hazelett in the first round.

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