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UFC 108 Results: Sam Stout Defeats Joe Lauzon Via Unanimous Decision

In a fight that saw Joe Lauzon coming off a very long lay off after having an injured ACL, he simply wasn't able to put it together at UFC 108.  He came out full of energy in the first round and was successful in acheiving a take down and a near submission with a rolling kimura.  However, once Stout was able to escape that danger it was pretty much all Stout after that.  It seemed as if the long lay off hurt Lauzon's cardio as he was pretty much gassed in the second round.  He was unsuccessful on multiple take down attempts and Stout made him pay each time.  Stout basically picked him apart on the feet the entire fight. 

However, in the third round Lauzon came out pressing the fight knowing he had to stop Stout to win the fight.  Lauzon attempted several take downs, but Stout was having none of it.  At the two minute mark Lauzon saw an opening and went for it as he achieved the mount position and went for it all with a choke attempt that seemed like it was close to ending the fight.  However, Stout was able to get back to his feet and then it was rinse, repeat with Stout winning the striking exchanges for the final minute or so of the fight.  Sam Stout takes the unanimous decision.

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