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UFC 108 Results: Junior dos Santos Takes Gilbert Yvel's Head Off In Round 1

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The fight begins and both fighters started out really cautious respecting one another's power.  Lots of feints feeling out as each fighter tried to get one another's timing down.  However, they exchanged a couple of times with both fighters landing.  This fight could end with one punch or kick at any time as both guys have madd power.  They exchange again with both punches.  They exchanged gain and dos Santos catches Yvel with a HUGE left uppercut/hook punch as he was ducking to counter Yvel's offense.  Yvel goes down and tries to recover, but dos Santos pounces and lands several hammer fists as the referee moves in to stop the fight.  Junior dos Santos is still undefeated in the UFC with all of his wins via stoppages. 

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