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UFC 108 Results: Martin Kampmann Submits Jacob Volkmann Via Guillotine Choke In Rd. 1

The fight begins and and Volkmann is pressing the action but Kampmann catches him with a couple of short punches.  Volkmann answers with a punch of his own.  Volkmann tries to tie him up but Kampmann defends.  Volkmann tags Kampmann hard, but Kampmann drops Volkmann with a punch.  Volkmann back up to his feet really quickly.  Volkmann is charging in with punches rather wildly.  Kampmann with a nice 1-2.  Kampmann is bleeding over his left brow.  Volkmann tags Kampmann with a nice 1-2 that snaps his head back.  Kampmann counters with a big right hand and drops Volkmann again.  Kampmann lands in his full guard and pins Volkmann against the cage.  Kampmann stands over Volkmann and lands a big right hand.  Kampmann in  Volkmann's half guard and lands two huge punches.  Volkmann tries to stand up and gives his neck up.  Kampmann applies a modified guillotine choke and there is no escape for Volkmann as he taps to the submission.

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