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UFC 108 Results: Cole Miller Submits Dan Lauzon Via Triangle Choke In Rd. 1

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Cole Miller is coming into this fight with A LOT of hostility as some of it bubbled over at the weigh in's on yesterday.  The fight begins and Miller opens up with a low kick that misses.  Miller connects with a nice left hook that had Lauzon covering up.  Lauzon drops Miller with a left hook of his own.  They are going at it with Miller landing knees and Lauzon landing punches in the clinch.  Miller with a jumping knee and Lauzon with nice body shots as Miller has the thai plum.  Miller lands a nice right hand.  Miller swings wildly and misses allowing Lauzon to take his back.  Lauzon was going for a sub, but Miller reverses and catches Lauzon in a weird triangle.  Lauzon taps to the submission.

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