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Strikeforce "Miami" Preview: Marloes Coenen Will Go Strike For Strike With Cyborg Santos

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From the Fighting Stances Blog:

"I will not step aside for anyone, and I will definitely not step aside for Cyborg," Coenen told me today. "If she will come out banging, I will do the same."  "I know everybody sees me as the underdog and thinks if I win, I will win on the ground," Coenen said. "But I think people can expect of me to strike and go toe-to-toe with her, because even in that phase of the fight, I see flaws in her game."

Coenen who comes from a grappling background vows that she'll stand in the pocket and exchange strikes with Santos?  What are her chances of winning if she does that?  Notably, out of his 3 career losses she's only been KO'ed once and that was at the hands of professional boxer/MMA fighter Erin Toughill in 2004.

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