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Brock Lesnar To Appear On ESPN Wednesday At 11am EST

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From MMAJunkie:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will no longer host a planned press conference for the fighter, but UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar instead will appear on Wednesday's edition of ESPN's "SportsCenter" to give an update on his health status.

Lesnar's head trainer Greg Nelson has already gone on record stating that Lesnar will fight again.  The question is when will he fight again?  Hopefully Lesnar will shed some light on the situation on tomorrow as I wrote about Lesnar possibly coming back and why Dana White was so tight lipped about the situation.  Also, for Lesnar to appear on Sportscenter for this is pretty big in my opinion, and much more effective than just having a UFC news conference. 

There are reports that Lesnar has lost a tremendous amount of weight, possibly all the weigh down to 220 pounds from his normal weight of close to 300 pounds.  I'd have to say that I believe those reports to be inaccurate.  He may have gotten down to that weight at some point during the illness, but it would be hard to believe that he's still currently at that weight.  In regards to when he'll return, I'd have to guesstimate and say somewhere around  the end of June.  The word is he is already training, and this would give time to get back into fighting shape and return to championship form.  It was also be perfert timing for him to take on the winner of the Mir/Carwin fight that will take place at UFC 111 at the end of March for the UFC Interim heavyweight title.  That fight would main event one of the summer PPV's to crown an undisputed champion, and it would also help continue what looks to be an an unstoppable line up of cards beginning with UFC 111 through UFC 113.