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Gilbert Melendez Would Give BJ Penn A Run For His Money?

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That's what he says in the video pretty much as he also talks Shinya Aoki and fighting on the CBS card.  He also mentions a fantasy lightweight tournament of some sorts.  However, let me get the direct quote about Penn:

"B.J.'s on another level." . "[But] I think I could do better than a lot of guys do against B.J.  I think you know, a lot of guys sit back and they wanna last with BJ or just say they went 5 rounds with BJ.  I'd rather get knocked out in the center of the ring and go for it than sit back and try to like figure it out.  If things aren't working, I'm charge BJ and try to go knock him out, and if I get knocked out in the process?  Cool, but it's better than just running away or not just being able to engage.  I'd rather get knocked out than lose a boring decision."

Is it good enough to just do better than most guys against BJ Penn, or are guys at the point now that moral victories against the champ good enough? 

HT: Cagewriter