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MMA4Real Technique Of The Day: The Double Leg Take Down

I had to give it up in honor of the upcoming match up between Randy Couture and Mark Coleman.  As most hardcore fans now, Coleman has always had a strong double leg take down.  So I found the video up above where Josh Koscheck demonstrates the move for  I know shooting for the double leg can leave fighters vulnerable to things like knees, or in bad positions if they shoot from too far away.  However, when executed properly, the best part about the double is that the fighter can immediately go to side control.  Which saves the fighter time and energy from having to work past his opponents guard to inflict maximum damage.  Check it out via the .gif below as Gleison Tibau puts Josh Neer on his back via the double leg:

Gleison Tibau Takes Down Josh Neer UFC 104

.gif via MMACore