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UFC On Versus 1 Preview: Junior dos Santos Talks Gabriel Gonzaga

From Graciemag:

I was already studying him and my training was totally geared to facing him. I’ll take that up again and focus on his way of fighting again to set up my strategy.

I’ve done a lot of ground fighting, very frequently. Also, I train Jiu-Jitsu every day, just as I train boxing. Before the fight with Yvel, for example, Demian Maia dropped by Bahia and I trained with him. In Rio Feijão helps me out a lot. I have the help of a lot of first-rate black belts. I think I’m up to date on the ground and I may even surprise people there.

Junior dos Santos responds to questions about Gonzaga's potential intent to take the fight to the ground to try and expose a weakness in dos Santos's game.  Gonzaga is a formidable opponent and probably the most dangerous opponent up to this point for dos Santos.  Gonzaga is a big heavyweight who's fairly well rounded, and even took down the huge All-American wrestler in Shane Carwin in their match up back at UFC 96.  However, I think dos Santos's pressure coupled with his power should be enough to get past Gonzaga.  However, it would be great if this fight went to the ground just to get an snapshot of just how dos Santos moves on the ground.