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Urijah Faber Thinks He's Quicker And Has A Grappling Advantage Over Jose Aldo

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"It's going to be a close fight, but the advantage point for me is first off the speed neutralizing him, and second having an advantage in the grappling, and understanding what his weapons are.  "His knees and kicks are going to be one thing, and his hands, but being aware of it is going to make it easier for me."

I would say mid-May would probably be ideal for me," Faber commented. "Mid-May, maybe late April, that's kind of close, but I feel great. I don't really take time off. I'm ready to fight, I'm ready to get this belt, to continue to build my name, and blow up MMA and the light weight classes and the WEC."

So Faber believes he's quicker than Aldo and has a better ground game?  Granted Faber did just choke out BJJ blackbelt Raphael Assuncao last weekend.  Give me your thoughts? 

HT: MMAWeekly