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David Loiseau Literally Wants To Fight For His Parent's Country(Haiti)

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From Sherdog:

"Everybody is reaching out in their industries. I’m a fighter and I have access to the UFC, so I’m stepping up," said Loiseau. "I’ll give every single penny up. Zuffa and my sponsors Tapout can write a check to the Haiti fund of their choice."

"People are sleeping outside or in their cars fearing that their houses will come down on them. They can hear others crying through the rubble, but they don’t have the machinery to get to them," he said. "These people are in a way worse position than me. I want to do what I do, which is fight, to inspire the Haitians and people all over the world and to let them know the MMA community is thinking of them."

Loiseau has an uncle and grandparents that live in Port au Prince, the area where the earthquake hit the hardest.  Loiseau had a relative to die in the quake when her home fell in and crushed her, she was 96 years old.  I think it's very noble of Loiseau to offer this gesture to help out the people in Haiti.  With sponsorships and his base salary, he would probably be able to reach six figures to send to Haiti.  The UFC did the UFC: Fight For The Troops event here in North Carolina in December of 2008 to raise money for military personnel.  I would say instead of having Loiseau donate his entire fight purse, why not donate proceeds from an upcoming UFN or something to the country if they are entertaining Loiseau's idea?  That would generate a lot more money and help many more people in my opinion.  Of course, if you want to donate some money to the recovery efforts in Haiti.  Click here.