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UFC Welterweight Anthony Johnson: "He Ain't No Koscheck"

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John Howard is tough.  He's not a pushover.  I don't think I'm going to go in there and run over the guy.  I'm going to go out there and fight him and it's going to be a good fight.  He knows how bad I have wanted to fight him and I'm sure he is training his a** off for me because he knows I'm going to bring it.  I expect a good fight. 

His style don't match up good with me good at all.  He's fought some tough guys and I give him credit, but he ain't fought me or nobody with my style.  If he thinks his counterkicks and counterpunches from his...I don't know if he still does it now, but it's not going to work and that bootleg wrestling of his is not going to work.  He has another thing coming if he thinks it is.  He ain't no Koscheck or anything close as far as his takedowns and stuff.  He ain't as powerful as Koscheck and if he's not going to take me down, he's going to have a bad night.  He aint' going to stand and bang with me; he ain't going to catch me like he did Dennis Hallman, I can tell you that.

UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson talks about his upcoming fight against John Howard at the UFC On Versus: Vera vs. Jones event.  The fight card is shaping up to look like this so far:

-Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones

-Junior dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

-Anthony Johnson vs. John Howard

-Eliot Marshall vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

-James Irvin vs. Alessio Sakara

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