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Paul Daley Wants To Fight Josh Koscheck Very Badly

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 I've said I want Koscheck. I'm so serious about this -- I want Koscheck. Koscheck isn't asking for me; I'm waiting for him. He had an injury -- this is his first time back in the gym this week. I could have taken a different fight, but I'm waiting for him. I feel like I have something to prove not only to the UFC but to all the chumps on the Internet that talk sh*t and say, 'Daley's got no ground game; Daley's got no takedown defense.' Whatever. I want to see what their excuse is going to be after I knock Koscheck out.

I think Koscheck is just playing up to a character that he's built and he's just going with it. People didn't like him to start off, so he was like, 'What the heck, I might as well ride with that. I'm going to continue to play the bad guy.' It's doing him good. I think he's a cool guy. I was in the changing room with him before the Kampmann fight, and he didn't say too much. I saw him backstage before the Hazelett fight. I said hello, he said hello. You know, I respect him and I respect what he's tried to do in order to promote himself, but his time's up.

It's a great interview and I suggest you check it all out.  It's a prime example of why I like Paul Daley.  Yes, he's arrogant and cocky but he has been backing up his talk with his fists as of late.  Also, he's not afraid to give REAL answers to questions unlike some fighters that tend to beat around the bush.  He also went on to talk about the difference between him and Anthony Johnson getting the knockout of the night bonus due to missing weight and more.  A Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley bout would be a sick fight not to mention the smack talk leading up to the fight being tremendous.  Hopefully the UFC will get that fight signed and added to an upcoming card in the near future.  Also, if this fight takes place...who you got? 

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