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MMA Cagefights At Seymour Johnson Air Force Base For First Time Ever On February 19th

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This event will feature fighters such as:  Adam Dehart, Jacob Allman, Zachary Klouse and will feature four title fights.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump. 

Adam Dehart vs Bradley Desir
Travis Ferrell vs Micah Lail
Jacob Allman vs Eric Ohene-Bekoe
Zachary Klouse vs Travis Wilson
Blaine Thomas vs Bobby Sellers
Ryan Brunke vs Shawn Harris
Ricky Rainey vs malik mcdaniel
Justin Jimenez vs TBD
Emanuel Lamonte McMullens vs Josh Smith
Ryan Overcash vs Jamie Pickett
Jason Salvo vs josh Nichols
Gerard Washington vs Damon Neely
Zach Hazlett vs TBD