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UFC 111 Preview: Greg Jackson Thinks Dan Hardy Is A Legitimate Threat To GSP

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From Sherdog:

I do believe it because he has a lot of skills,” Jackson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show” on Wednesday. “He's got really good power. The problem with guys like Dan Hardy is that he's young, he's hungry, he's got very good skills and if he catches you the wrong way, you zig when you should have zagged and that might be it.”

“Remember that Matt Serra was never considered a real threat to Georges,” said Jackson. “Everyone was laughing it off, then all of a sudden Georges was in a lot of trouble. So if you go into any fight thinking this guy is going to be easy, this guy is going to be a walkover, this isn't a legitimate threat, it puts you in a place mentally where you aren't going to train as hard, you're not going to be as hungry and Hardy is a legitimate serious threat and needs to be treated as such.”

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