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Dana White Finally Realizes The East Coast Is An Oasis Away From Vegas

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Now Zack Arnold tries to point out that Las Vegas is cooling off for the UFC citing high comped ticket numbers for UFC 106 and 108.  However, I'd like to think that those two cards are poor examples to use simply because both cards were really good cards initially, but injuries and the lack of a Brock Lesnar were the culprits there.  If the original cards were have taken place, I'm pretty sure both events would have done better numbers.  In the event that Las Vegas is actually cooling off to the UFC, the east coast would be a great place to hold cards.  As White points out in the video, UFC 101 in Philly did well, Fight For The Troops here in NC did well, UFN 20 in Virginia just did well, and UFC 88 in Atlanta did decently with a card with no title on the line.

He also goes on to say that the UFC will come back to the DC area within the next year or so and hold a PPV.  Again, if he were to bring a PPV to North Carolina, they would not be disappointed either.   

HT: Washington Post