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Report: BJ Penn Will Defend Title Against Frankie Edgar Possibly In Abu Dhabi

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From MMAFighting:

Dana White confirmed with MMA Fighting Tuesday that Edgar will receive the next 155-pound title shot against champion BJ Penn. There had been talk of Gray Maynard facing Penn next, but in a video interview shot Tuesday in New York City, White said he didn't think Maynard was 100% ready to fight for the title just yet.

I wrote the following yesterday prior to Maynard's performance against Nate Diaz last night:

Personally, I don't see how that happens if Gray Maynard beats Nate Diaz tonight considering Maynard is undefeated and has already soundly defeated Edgar less than a year ago.  This isn't another case where one fighter is way more popular than the other ala Faber/Brown in the WEC.  Neither fighter is really THAT well known, Edgar has an advantage in the northeast but it's not a huge following per se in regards to turning into PPV buys.  Maynard got more exposure on TUF and has actually fought in an main event against the popular Roger Huerta.

I can kind of understand things in hindsight.  I mean if Maynard would have fought Penn last night, it was have been UGLY like Bubba Sparxx.  I still think that Maynard should technically get the shot, but his performance last night probably left a bad taste in people's mouths.  At least Edgar's last performance was one such that he finished his opponent in pretty exciting fashion.  It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things as both guys have very little if any chance of defeating BJ Penn.