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Nate Diaz Wants To Move Up To The UFC Welterweight Division

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He blogs on

"I fought like garbage and I'm sorry to my fans for my performance. I was hesitant about throwing hard punches because I kept thinking he was going to go for a takedown. It looked like I was knocked down in the second but actually he stepped on my foot and when I tried to back out I slipped. I really don't think I'm going to stay at 155lbs. I don't make enough money to have to drop this much weight so I'd like to fight at 170 and only go to 55's every once in awhile. You know if you look at his face compared to mine right now you'd think there was no way he beat me in a fight but I've never been too popular with the judges." -Nathan

All I gotta say is if he moves up in weight, he definitely needs to add some muscle mass because there's no shortage of good wrestlers in that division either.

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