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UFN 20: Maynard vs. Diaz Commentary And Analysis

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All in all it was a good show, but the commercials seemed EXTRA LONG tonight and the main event could have been better.  I mean 4 fights on a two hour show that went over the time limit.  At one hour and 15 minutes we had seen two fights total.  I know the UFC gotta pay the bills and all, but that is my only gripe with the show for the most part.  We got to see some decent fights.  Check it:

-Amir Sadollah looked good in his fight against Brad Blackburn.  I was loving the hip rotation on those leg kicks.  He seemed to fade a bit down the stretch(they both did).  However, the fight went just about how I thought it would with except Amir took Blackburn down each time he had him rocked.  WHY I HAVE NO IDEA.  I think he could have finished Blackburn had he kept the fight standing and not allowed Blackburn time to recover.  As our very own Rich Wyatt has said, I think Amir will be good...but will never be elite if you will. Good win for him though.

-Wow.  Tom Lawlor came out throwing them THANGS!  I have no idea how Simpson survived the first round of that fight.  I also don't know why he was so set on not using his wrestling.  Then he finally used it in the second round to gain some momentum and wear Lawlor down a bit.  He definitely took it to Lawlor in the 3rd round though.  Good fight.  I thought Simpson showed tremendous heart and determination to take the last two rounds in my book.  The first round could have been a 10-8 round for Lawlor though in a VERY close fight.  However, Lawlor couldn't finish Simpson even though he was severely rocked, so I wasn't madd at the split decision win for Simpson. 

SBN coverage of UFC Fight Night 20: Maynard vs. Diaz

-Escudero looked confident in his fight and composed.  The flying knee that hurt Dunham in the first round was dope and well timed.  I thought Efrain could have finished Dunham there if he wouldn't have just chased him while throwing wild strikes.  Dunham showed heart surviving that though.  Dunham showed some good GnP skills after he got the take down as well as transitioning to Escudero's back.  It seemed as though Dunham was the fresher of the two fighters in the third round, and Dunham went to work once he took Escudero down.  I'm very impressed with Dunham.  The guy showed heart and a good ground game.  Tough loss for Escudero, but he should have finished that fight in the first round IMO. 

-I thought Maynard would keep the fight standing and that's exactly what he did.  Diaz's length should have posed more problems for Maynard, but he doesn't really use it that effectively until the third round.  Maynard had no respect for Diaz and his standup game.  He fought with his hands down and taunted the taller Diaz all night.  What was up with both fighters putting their hands in the air mid-way through the second round?  Nate Diaz was telegraphing most of his strikes and Maynard effectively avoided the majority of them.  However I wasn't that impressed with Maynard.  I thought he clowned around in there Diaz too much and got hit too much in the final round.  However, whoever that judge was that gave Diaz the fight 29-28 is retarded.  Maynard won that fight handedly IMO. 

Give me your thoughts on the fights.