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WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson Commentary And Analysis

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 All in all I thought the event went well, except that I looked at the clock 50 minutes in and we had only saw two fights.  I mean I know we got to see 5 fights, but to be sure we could have seen one more?  I think the WEC had everything go there way tonight with Urijah Faber winning in exciting fashion setting up a superfight with Jose Aldo.  Also, Ben Henderson and Mike Brown getting back on track was more positive news for the promotion.

-The Henderson/Varner fight went nothing like I thought it would.  I thought Henderson would be the aggressor with Varner being out of action for so long, but it all worked out for him in the end.  The post fight interview with Varner was a prime example of why people dislike him.  I mean he was winning the fight right up until the point where he lost type of deal.  I wonder what's next for Henderson, they hinted at another fight with Cerrone but I'd like to see them wait on that one at least one more fight.

SBN coverage of WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson

-The Faber/Assuncao fight was the real main event.  It seemed like it was a UFC event even on TV as the crowd was LIVE.  I was VERY impressed with Faber submitting Assuncao, but I think Rappy was getting winded a bit which contributed to it a little.  Great job by the WEC bringing in Jose Aldo during the post fight interview, and props to him for speaking in English.  That's a superfight, and if the WEC ever wanted a PPV main event.  That's it and I got Aldo.

-The Mike Brown fight went just about how I thought it would.  I thought Morrison would have some holes in his sub game and I was right.  Some people probably think Brown should get an immediate re-match with Aldo, but Faber is the star and it showed tonight.  He'll be in the mix though.

-Kamal Shalorus is a beast!  If he could learn some standup technique he's be even more of a problem. 

-Dave Jansen has madd heart...a lot of fighters would have quit in there against Shalorus IMO.

-Deividas Taurosevicius impressed me tonight.  That guy is strong as hell and is very well rounded.  Mackens made it a fight in the third round, but it was too little too late. 

-The Mark Hominick submission was DOPE.  Just to think, I had picked Caraway to submit him.

All in all a good card, give us your thoughts on this one in the comments section.