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Alistair Overeem Wants Fedor Next, Well After One More K-1 Fight

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Overeem speaks to Sherdog after winning his year end bout at K-1 Dynamite 2009!!:

"I want to fight Fedor in May or June, so he's my primary target from now on. I'll be training for him only," proclaimed Overeem, who cited the prospect of a May-June date as one he is currently negotiating with Strikeforce.

When reminded that Strikeforce's current plans have them holding an April event on CBS and that perhaps the Fedor title fight should happen in that month instead, Overeem contradicted his previous statement on having another K-1 bout before facing "The Last Emperor."  "In March, I have other obligations with K-1, so I think April is a little too close to do such an important fight," he said. "So March, K-1; May-June, Fedor."