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UFN 19 Preview: Nate Quarry Talks Tim Credeur

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From MMAJunkie:

"[Credeur] has been so successful with everything he's been doing, it wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to stand up for a little bit," Quarry said. "He's been getting some knockouts. He's been wearing guys down using his length. I think he's really doing all the things he needs to do to be successful in the UFC.

"He's not just sticking with jiu-jitsu. He's working on his stand-up. He's got a great camp around him, so I'm looking forward to this being a great fight, and I'm one person that's not saying he's [one-dimensional]. I think he's going to come out swinging hard and coming hard."  Oh, man, I got nothing to prove," Quarry said. "I used to say that to people all the time. I don't have anything to prove; I fight in a cage for a living. What else do I have to prove? I go in there, and it's not a matter of, 'I'm going to show the world what I can do.' I'm here to win this fight, and I'll win in any way possible.

"It's funny, because when I first started fighting I won most of my fights with submissions. Then it just turned out as I made it into the UFC, all my wins other than my decision to Kalib Starnes have all been by knockout. You're pretty much just what people thought of you last time."

I think this could be a really entertaining fight, because both guys are scrappy so to speak.  Credeur probably has the edge on the ground, but Quarry probably has the edge standing.  It's not a classic grappler/striker fight like back in the day because both guys are not necessarily one dimensional.  I think this fight will be the first fight televised, so it could be a good one to open the show with.  Give me your thoughts.