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UFC 105 Preview: Dan Hardy Says He Is Going To Smash Dong Hyun Kim

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From Fighters Only:

"But I plan to put a beating on this guy that is so nasty and so one-sided it will be uncomfortable viewing for all the other welterweights in the UFC. I am going to beat him up for a while and then I will catch him with something that really hurts him - then he’ll go to sleep.

"Kim will want to take me down with his judo and bash me up on the ground, but every time he gets close he will eat an elbow or knee in the face. I don’t want a decision, I guarantee a knockout in this one

Dan Hardy has already started the verbal assault with his next opponent.  You'll remember that Hardy did the same thing with his last opponent in Marcus Davis at UFC 99.  However, I doubt that Kim will be as emotionally attached to this fight as Davis previously was.  It'll be a good test for Hardy to see where he stacks up in the UFC welterweight division.  I think Hardy was recently promoted to purple belt by Eddie Bravo at 10th planet jiu jitsu, so it appears that he's working on his overall game.  How do you see this one going down?