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The UFC 105 Main Event Will Be Announced Shortly And More Updates

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Since the BJ Penn/Diego Sanchez fight has been announced for UFC 107, many fans including myself have been wondering what the main event will be for UFC 105 in Manchester.  We all know Michael Bisping is huge over there, but surely the Micheal Bisping/Denis Kang fight will not be the main event...right?  Right, and Fighters Only has spoken with UFC UK president Marshall Zelaznik for the goods:

We’re going to bring a big event to Manchester. It is a big venue and they deserve a big event, and that is the intention still. Having Bisping and Hardy on the card moves us in that direction and now we are waiting for Joe [Silva] to work his magic and bring us the main event.  I’ve had email and text exchanges with Lorenzo [Fertitta, UFC co-owner] over the past couple of days and he said ‘Make sure everyone knows that there is a main event going to be announced soon."

"And the names are going to be substantial, I kind of know the names that are floating around and once it comes together, everyone will know about it. Its going to be two fighters that everyone wants to see.

Who could it be?  There were rumors of a Dan Henderson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira re-match earlier today, but I don't know how much traction that one has.  However, it's rumored that Nogueira will make his debut at UFC 105.  Henderson has headlined some overseas shows in UFC 75 and UFC 93, so he could be a legitimate name.  However, a fight with Nogueira would move him back up to the light heavyweight division.  The division he'll move to if he's not granted the next shot at Anderson Silva's middleweight title according to Henderson.  It would also be a revenge match for Henderson in that he lost to Nogueira via armbar at PRIDE Total Elimination 2005.  If it's not Henderson, what other substantial names are available to be considered main event material?

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 09/09/09 8:11 AM EDT ]

Update From Josh Gross's Twitter:

Shootin down a rumor. Dan Henderson won't fight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in his next fight. In fact, his next fight might not be in the UFC.  According to a source close to Hendo, Dan is a free agent. The source said Dan wants to remain in the UFC. It makes the most sense.. But as of right now he doesn't have a contract with Zuffa. Negotiations were characterized as "slow." Dan's main focus is fighting A. Silva."

"One more note, source said Lil Nog was never mentioned as a possible opponent."

Um, I'm pretty sure Dan Henderson isn't going to go anywhere.  If so, he'll just be the guy that lost two unification bouts in the UFC against Rampage Jackson and Anderson Silva.  Then again, Dana could use him like he did with Arlovski and Sylvia with Affliction to affect their pay scale or something.

Also Anderson Silva never had surgery and is able to fight in November?:

I spoke to Ed Soares, Silva's manager, and contrary to published reports, Silva has not had surgery on his elbow and is not in any way incapable of fighting in November if he's offered a fight.  Soares said he hasn't spoken to Silva about fighting Couture yet, and stressed that such a fight has never been discussed with the UFC.  But he did say, "Anderson wants to fight the biggest and the best fighters out there and Randy Couture falls into that category.  After Anderson saw the way he fought Rodrigo Nogueira, he said he became an even bigger Randy Couture fan."

I don't know what the deal is with Ed Soares and news that comes out about Anderson Silva.  This is like the third time within the last 2 months that some news has come out, only to be totally rejected by Silva's manager like it never had any truth to it whatsoever.  So again, who do you think the 'substantial names' are according to UFC UK president Marshall Zelazsnik?