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UFC Lands Network Television Deal In The United Kingdom

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From The Telegraph:

In another Telegraph exclusive, I can reveal that UFC will begin broadcasting on UK terrestrial television for the first time next Monday, at midnight, with a one-hour special on UFC 102.

It marks a new staging post for mixed martial arts onto terrestrial television, at a time when UFC is making huge strides into the mainstream.  

The hour show on Channel FIVEwill show the Couture-Nogueira, Jardine-Silva, and Marquardt-Maia fights in full.  I can also reveal that this will be a regular thing. 

The show is to be called - UFC: Main Event.

The regular one-hour UFC: Main Event shows will be broadcast on FIVE Sunday/Monday nights at midnight. The first instalment hits the airwaves on at midnight Monday night, September 14, when FIVE will broadcast the now classic heavyweight three-round battle between icons Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Randy Couture, along with other exciting bouts from the UFC 102 super-card which took place in Portland, Oregon, USA on August 30.

I don't live across the pond so I don't know if there's a major difference between network tv in the UK and the U.S.  I'd love it if some of our foreign readers could touch on this.  I mean it has to be 'good', and this also tails the news of the UFC airing in the UK on ESPN from last month.